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It was on October 5, l938 that Israel's Hope began. The foundation verse for the work was Psalm 62:5 "My soul wait thou only upon God; for my expectation is from Him."


Fern, the founder of the mission, had come to Brooklyn because she felt burdened for the Jewish people of New York City.


On her way to NYC Fern had stopped at the Moody Bible Institute to visit. She met August B. Holm who was a pastor in Brooklyn. He told her of a woman named Ruth Johnson who passed out 100 tracts a day at noon near the subway. Fern contacted Ruth and found out that there was a group of women meeting with Ruth that was so burdened for the Jewish people that they went through the phone book and sent tracts to all the Jewish names. Fern started meeting with this group every Monday night at the Sixth Avenue Baptist Church in Brooklyn. This group helped support Fern for many, many years. The work was incorporated a few years later.


In May of l942 Fern married Watson Davis.  He was sent to war after only 3 months of marriage. Upon his return in l945 Watson was made the Director. He remained in this position until his death in l974. After his death the Board elected Fern to the position of Director. She remained Director until she retired in l985.


In l953 Dr. Don Hillis, a TEAM missionary to India, visited Fern and Watson Davis and told them about a Bible correspondence course he used in India in the Gospel of John.


After much prayer, Fern wrote the first course in the book of Genesis. She had majored in Jewish Missions during her years at Moody, and this knowledge helped her in being able to write the course. She followed this Genesis course with an Exodus course and then a Messianic Prophesy course. By l968 she had also written a course in the Gospel of John.


From l953 to the present, about 55,000 people have enrolled in these courses.  There have been many people who have responded to the invitation at the end of each course to receive Jesus Christ as Messiah and Savior.


Israel's Hope

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