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The question here is one of reality. Is what we see on the TV screen reality or a conceptualization of someone's reality? If you are looking to TV to answer life's questions you are being given mixed messages. That is true whether you are viewing sitcoms, talk shows, news programs, documentaries or commercials. Take a closer look with a critical mindset. Is not the true goal of TV manipulation? Everyone puts their "spin" on an issue trying to impart their particular value system. TV is a value-shaper and most do not judge it by any objective standard of right and wrong, but rather the judgment criteria is whether or not it gives us pleasure or makes us feel good about ourselves.


What is the real reason we watch TV? Is it for entertainment, for edification, for elucidation or for escapism? Do we use TV to escape from the problems in OUR reality? Let me ask you a question -- did TV ever solve one of your personal problems? Probably not. But it did make you forget your problem for a time, time that could have been spent solving that problem.


Who or what defines reality for you? What is your metaphysic and what are its parameters? Is matter all there is, or is there a supernatural aspect to this universe? Where do you go to find the answer? Maybe we should not be trusting the opinions expressed on TV but rather looking to the factual statements on reality found in the Scriptures. How do you judge right from wrong? Do you have an objective standard or do you just go by your feelings? Right and wrong never change, only opinions about what is right and what is wrong change.


The Bible tells us we are "made in God's image" (Genesis 1:26). TV tries to remake our image utilizing whatever behavior value happens to be in at the moment. Stop and think, who do you want to be your image-maker, God or fallible humans?



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