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Psychic Hotline


Why do people dial the many psychic hotlines? Some may do it out of curiosity, some out of a desire to get guidance for their lives and some may do it because they do not know where else to turn.


Astrology may be defined as the study of the relationship between man and the solar system. Astrologers allege human behavior is influenced by which astrological sign you were born under. There are more complicated projections used, which we will not go into here. But what the astrologer does is give you their personal opinion as to what is going to happen after they have studied your "chan". In essence all this is a HUGE cop-out. Now you can say, "Hey, it's not my fault I did this or that, it was in the stars!" Personal responsibility for behavior is obscured. No one is responsible for their emotions because they are biophysical and can't be controlled. No one is responsible for their actions because they are guided by emotions and of course those emotions are controlled by the stars. Hey, it's not my fault!!!


God used the stars for prophetic revelation, (Genesis 1:14). There is nothing in the pattern of the stars to indicate the meanings attached to them. Rather the meanings were given first and then associated with a star grouping. Remember, God named the stars (Psalm 147:4; Isaiah 40;26). The truth is that God used the stars to reveal the coming Redeemer, His victory over the enemy and His coming in glory to judge the living, and the dead. What greater proof can we ask for the existence of God and for the need to follow His way for our life? The stars do not tell stories about our lives but rather about God's program of redemption for His people.



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