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The Internet


There is a plethora of information offered on the Internet and choices have to be made by the individual as to which sites will be visited, viewed and valued for adding to their knowledge bank. The Internet may even be pictured as a "church". Each site is like a pastor/teacher preaching their views on reality, knowledge, ethics etc. We the visitors are like the congregation. Our mouse puts us in charge and enables us to flit from site to site as we so desire.


We have seen that TV only contains the opinions of people as does the psychic hotline and what are we are seeing on the I-way is more of the same. It's almost as if we are in the grocery store of ideas and are shopping for a worldview. Which shelf has ideas that we can plug into our basic framework of beliefs?


Actually the framework of beliefs should come first and then based upon those beliefs we should interpret all of the data life offers us and accept and/or reject it based upon our worldview. However, since so many people do not have a basic belief system they are turning to the Internet to see what they actually believe on that particular day. We see people's views changing daily with no objective basis for evaluating information. Truth is said to have become relative; it hasn't really, but that's what people say.


Is this the arena in which you really want to receive the answers to life's questions? Or is there a source that Is unchanging, eternal and authoritative that we can turn to for the answers. We believe that source is the Bible.




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